The Day We Got Married

I'm happy to say I'm a married lesbian. It was not always thus.

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For 25 years I had a husband, but now I enjoy life with a wife and I can say it is glorious, indeed. In fact, today happens to be our second anniversary.

The day I married my husband we got married outdoors, in the thick of a hail storm, in a very soggy part of Central Park in New York City. In an impulsive move, I had canceled the rain location before I fully understood how bad the rain would be. Then there was no going back. We told ourselves it meant blessings -- just like in Ireland when someone marries in the rain. We told ourselves it was like a Fellini film, and so picturesque with all our well-dressed friends standing by under umbrellas. But actually, it was really very wet and cold. And yes, it was unique.

Thirty-plus years later, I married my wife. We got married indoors in a soaring, beautiful old building designed by one of America's first female architects, Julia Morgan. The room we married in opened on to a beautiful veranda, where we hoped to fling open the doors for a mini reception before everyone went upstairs to lunch in a paneled library.

The day began overcast, and all morning we anxiously watched the clouds build. Finally, it began to sprinkle as we drove to our wedding venue. Along the way, we surrendered to the idea that the lovely veranda would remain closed, and that our mini reception would happen indoors.

sunny wedding moment.jpg

But as we stood there, saying our vows in front of the Julia Morgan's gorgeous ornate fireplace, a sudden dramatic sunbeam suddenly pierced the semi-dark of the room. Within another moment the clouds parted. Moments later we were married, the doors flung open, and out we all poured into the gorgeous courtyard.

Two years later, I'm truly happier than I have ever been, living my truth as a lesbian and enjoying the equality granted to us by the United States Supreme Court. The sun surely has shone on this relationship.

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Suzanne Falter