How My Own R&B Band Inspired the Band in Driven

One of the really fun things in my life is the lesbian-friendly band I sing back-up with, Ruby's in Town. While the characters in my upcoming lesbian romance, Driven, are fictional, the band definitely is not! We play old soul, and R&B classics that make you want to dance -- everything from Uptown Funk and I Will Survive to Rock Steady and Dancing in the Street.

At least once a month, my fellow band members come over and we dive into the tunes we need to learn, rehearse, etc.. Then, about once a month, we play out here in the Bay Area at venues like The Terrace Room in Oakland and the Ivy Room in Albany. If you're in the Bay Area, here's a link to our events.

What's fun is that these gigs really are magnets for all kinds of lesbians to show up, meet, party together and just plain have fun. I can't tell you what a joy it is to stand on stage and see all of these happy lesbians in one place, dancing their hearts out and having a terrific time. That's the essence of community I've been hoping to capture in Driven.

Here's a really short little taste of what we do. The video was shot at one of the top music venues in Berkeley, California. I'm the one in the pink tee shirt. Hope you enjoy!

Suzanne Falter