Four Novels I Loved in 2018

One of my true pleasures in life is climbing into bed with a great novel, pleasantly tired and ready for a spectacular read. I found four novels I completely adored this year … perhaps these will delight you as well. Not surprisingly, I am drawn to fiction that’s funny, insightful and about insight, transformation and personal growth.
Here they are, ranked in no particular order.

One Plus One, by JoJo Moyes

I just stumbled on this book at the local library, but now I am a total convert of this British author, who is a combination of Nora Ephron and Sue Miller. Such sharply observed and quirky characters! This book tells the story of a heroic, down on her luck single mom, her math-obsessed wonder child, and the unexpected savior she finds trying to get a break for her child that she never had. Inspiring fun!

Yellow Crocus, by Laila Ibrahim
I happen to be friends with the author of this beautiful, heartfelt book, so I dug in with gusto when she gifted me a copy. Now I understand why more than a million copies have sold, and this book has become a true Amazon treasure. It tells the story of an Antebellum slave in the deep south who bonds with the white baby she nurses, and how that bond follows them both through their unusual futures together.

Less, by Andrew Sean Greer
Okay, yes, this book did win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 2018, but it was so deserved. A page turning story about an aging gay man who must confront his unkindnesses in life, as he leaves behind his usual existence to travel around the world. Well written and just plain hilarious.

I Almost Forget About You, by Terry McMillan
I love this author — always have, and always will. The way she writes characters, and female friendships in particular is just stunning. In this book, Violet is an aging opthamologist who has burned out on her life and wants something new. So she decides to look up all the men she ever loved and see what she can learn about her life and loves. Insightful and true.

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